ARCG Caribbean Regional Center

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ARCG Caribbean Regional Center uses its specialized knowledge to bridge the gap between project developers seeking capital and the increasingly rigorous demands of EB-5 investors.

American Regional Center Group has partnered with the U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (“VIEDA”) to form the U.S. Virgin Island’s first official Regional Center.  The exclusive partnership provides ARCG unique access to entrepreneurs seeking funding for projects while providing VIEDA another tool to promote and enhance economic development in the territory. VIEDA will cooperatively work with ARCG on the selection and development of EB-5 investment opportunities to cater to its marketplace.

The U.S. Virgin Islands (“USVI”) is more than just an ideal tourism destination; it is an ideal location for doing business.  The USVI is an unincorporated United States territory, which uses U.S. currency and has the protection of the U.S. flag and U.S. courts, while at the same time offering very unique tax incentives through its Economic Development Commission, or EDC program. Benefits for businesses in the EDC program can include up to 90% reduction in corporate income tax, 90% reduction in personal income tax, and 100% exemption on business property tax.

ARCG management begins its project selection process by getting to know the company’s management and assessing its ability to execute the proposed project. Following the initial assessment of management’s capabilities, fundamental company documents are reviewed. These documents include key supply and sales contracts, project engineering and permitting documents, and financial statements. This review is particularly focused on potential liabilities, such as pending environmental or regulatory issues, liens on the company’s assets, outstanding litigation against the firm, and potential weaknesses in the project plan. The processevaluates the key risks to the company and the investment.

These risks include: execution risk, technical risk, financial risk, and commercial risk; which must be addressed to protect potential EB-5 investors. ARCG may also seek the help of outside experts to review technical aspects of the project. These experts can include: engineers to review project design and construction plans; permitting consultants to verify all local, state and federal permitting regulations have been addressed, specialized industry consultants who can best assist the market feasibility of the project and our immigration consultants and economists to determine if the project will comply with the EB5 program requirements in terms of job creation.

ARCG and its financial partners perform an exhaustive due diligence process on all projects to determine compliance with current legislation.

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By working through approved regional centers such as ours, a majority of immigrant investors experience their path to permanent residency to be simpler, less expensive and expeditious.

Our family is very satisfied with our lives here in the US. We have settled here in California, we bought a home, and both my children are attending school. Also, our son just got accepted to a prestigious university, we are very proud of him. I had an excellent experience with American Regional Center Group.

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